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Ms. Bina Patel
Certified Mediator &
Alternative Dispute
Resolution Specialist

Phone: (786)529-8513

“I got to know about your group after your work. I never knew that there are groups that can solve disputes inside organizations and increase production.  Your training on communication has made me realize that talking in person is a good way of solving problems. Also, third party mediation is a fantastic way of solving problems. I just simply love your work. I know that we will rely on Group WhyNot for additional work in Nepal and other developing countries to increase the effectiveness and increase production in organizations. You are an inspiration to me”

– Umayail, from the World Pulse 

Group WhyNot is a unique organization that focuses on their clients’ professional and private disputes. We offer an alternative method of resolving conflicts through mediation and facilitation services.


Group WhyNot is unbiased and impartial. We are connoisseurs in resolving conflicts through mediation techniques. Litigation can be mind boggling, expensive, and time consuming. We offer competitive rates in comparison to litigation. Our services are not time consuming, rather they are quick, easy, and comprehensive. 


Group WhyNot is composed of neutral third parties. We are experts in resolving disputes through advanced technologies that are resourceful, smooth, and not time consuming. Our facilitation services include assessing conflicting loopholes and interviewing key stakeholders. We build action plans for clients that precisely target focus areas for improvements. Our focus is to decrease conflict and increase productivity within your organization. 


Group WhyNot will further assist with resolving conflict through mutual agreements in the professional and private sectors. Both mediation and facilitation only support mutual agreements. You, the client will make the decisions. Group WhyNot will assist you to reach the agreement.